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Read our Manifesto: Tortoise Purpose of Vision
It will give you a better idea of what we are expecting.


Submit poems

Please limit poems to no more than 3. We ask for first publication rights on unpublished work. All rights revert to the author after the issue is released. We only ask that you note the publication. Previously published work will not be considered.


Submit other art

Artists, photographers and composers may submit. You may include a url for an image or images you intend to submit. Thou Goest will accept up to 3 jpeg or png images or 1 sound file attached to email. For large files (up to 2GB), you may use a free online file sharing service such as WeTransfer. Artists may submit for journal cover-art as well.


How to Submit

Send your material to .
Please print "Poetry submission - Your Name" in the subject field of your email.
There is no fee whatsoever for submission.
Please note that by submitting work to Thou Goest, you authorize us to place it on this website, as well as in any future publication.

If a submission is accepted for publication authors will be notified by email within two months of submission. Due to the large volume of submissions we may not reply if not selected.


We are looking for

New, contemporary and unusual poetry that goes beyond the current criteria of poetry. By that non-definition, your can submit words, sounds or images.
We will more likely accept works that are a meeting point for various discipline such as literature, philosophy, music, politics and spirituality.


We are not looking for

We will most likely reject anything based on gratuitous effects, decorative aesthetic (references), reactions, or your personal life and problems. If you envision poetry as a craft, Thou Goest is not for you.


The fine print

All of the material in Thou Goest is copyrighted by the author. Rights are immediately returned to you upon publication. Thou Goest retains First North American Serial Rights, First Electronic Rights, Electronic Archival Rights (meaning the entire issue in which your work appears will be stored in electronic form for public inspection after original publication) and the right to reprint the entire issue in which your work appears either in printed or electronic format. Again, all other rights to works appearing in Thou Goest revert to authors upon publication. We ask acknowledgement for works subsequently published elsewhere after initially appearing in Thou Goest. Again, if you publish the work somewhere else after us please give us "first appeared in" credit.

By submitting works for consideration, authors acknowledge that the works submitted are their own original works and are products of their own design. The editors at Thou Goest assume that any piece of work submitted has not be plagiarized or copied from another source. Authors further agree that we have the right to request additional information regarding the source(s) of the work and any related topic thereof. Authors also agree that if their accepted and published work is later found to be a derivative of copyrighted material by another author or artist, then the submitting author will be liable for any and all penalties assessed under the jurisdiction of the courts of the United States of America and the conventions of International Copyright Law. The authors also agree that neither Thou Goest and/or the editors will be held liable for any acts of copyright violation. By submitting artwork, the artist agrees to have this work included in Thou Goes online, as well as in any format we may supply.

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